Using Paver Decks with a Wood Frame


Using paver decks with wood framing, is this really possible? Before we are able to answer this, we need to look at the concept of Paver Decks.  This terminology is being used more and more and can be a bit confusing.  

When you search paver deck on-line you will find a product called Paverdeck that is manufactured by Evolutiondeck out of Canada.  This Product is a unique all steel sub-structure that allows you to clad with stone, creating a beautiful maintenance free stone deck.  So why would you use paver deck with a wood frame if it’s all steel.

The term “paver decks” is being used more and more to refer to the concept of putting pavers or stones on a deck.  Across North America there are millions of homes that have wood decks constructed in their back yards to allow the homeowners to enjoy the outdoors. Over time these wood decks show the signs of aging and these homeowners are faced with the daunting task of refinishing the deck. If they choose to do the work themselves, it will result in several days of effort involving pressure washing, sanding and refinishing. If they elect to hire a professional company to do the work, you will find the costs can be quite high. These factors often result in homeowners looking for a maintenance free solution.  

One such solution is converting their existing deck to a composite deck, however this comes with some potential drawbacks. (?? Link to our composite page??) The other option is to convert to a stone deck, in other words using paver decks with wood framing.  In the past the technique of attaching plywood to the framing and placing the stone on top of the plywood was used. There are still some companies out there that use the outdated method – but this is no longer necessary.

With the growing interest of consumers wanting to create outdoor living spaces using paver decks with wood framing, several companies have answered the call.  As mentioned earlier, there is a product called Paverdeck, which does not involve wood framing and is more designed for new builds. However, the same company that manufactures Paverdeck, also manufactures a product called Tiledeck, which are galvanized steel panels designed to work with wood framing.  Another such company is StoneDeks, who manufactures a product called SicaGrates. SilcaGrates are a plastic honey combed patterned grate system designed to be attached to wood framing. Not only do both these systems allow you to transform an existing wood deck into a stone deck but can be used from scratch using paver decks with wood framing.

The beauty of both these systems are they are very user-friendly.  As a homeowner who has an existing wood deck, transforming it to a maintenance free stone deck is a relatively simple process.  You simply need to remove the decking boards and determine if your existing framing is sufficient to support the load of the particular stone you have selected to use. Beefing up the existing framing if needed, and even adding another footing support can be quick and easy, especially with the use of mechanical screw piles. Once this is completed, you attached the SilcaGrates or TileDeck to the framing with screws. The deck is now ready for stone cladding. If you wish to stone clad the sides, you would construct wood framed walls first and attached ½” cement board, then attach whatever stone veneer you wish to use. Once the stone walls are in place, you attach the stones you are using for the capping and dry lay the remainder of the stones holding them in place using polymeric sand.

Over time you will most likely see even more companies coming out with unique and innovative ways of using paver decks with wood framing. These products and techniques will allow for the creation of beautiful maintenance free stone decks at a reduced cost compared to conventional build methods.

Welcome to the Stone Deck Revolution.