Can you Convert a Wood Deck to a Stone Deck?

Wood Deck to a Stone Deck

You have an older wood deck that requires regular maintenance and you want to convert it to a maintenance-free stone deck. Is this even possible? Can you convert a wood deck to a stone deck? Can any of the original deck be salvaged? Thanks to some pretty cool products out on the market this is not only possible but can be done quite cost-effectively. 

I am sure when many of you who asked in the past can you convert a wood deck to a stone deck were initially told no. Reasons would have been the weight of the stone would be too much, the wood framing would not last and it would not be cost-effective. Those who did find a way would typically cover the deck with plywood and lay the stones on top. This is an outdated technique and is problematic as it causes the wood framing to rot. 

So how can you convert a wood deck to a stone deck, cost-effectively, and ensuring it lasts for years to come? With the evolution of technology and companies creating new innovative products, you will find there are several products on the market that will allow you to convert a wood deck to a stone deck. Paverdeck Plank, manufactured in Canada, or SilcaGrate, manufactured in the USA, are both products designed to convert a wood deck to a stone deck.

When using either of these products, you remove the existing decking boards and attach them to the framing. The Paverdeck Plank or SilcaGrate becomes a sturdy all-weather subfloor on which you can then lay the stone. The difference between using these products and plywood is that these products have been specifically designed for this application. They are engineered not only to support the stone but to firm up the deck framing, as well as mitigate any rotting of the wood framing.

But how can you convert a wood deck to a stone deck if your framing is not adequate to support the load of the stones you have selected? These companies have considered this – for example, SilcaGrate has a specific design and load table that will explain in detail how the deck should be framed or reinforced, depending on the stones you select. There are various stone manufacturers on the market, but you will find that the stones have a pretty consistent foot-pound load based on the thickness of the stone. So, once you have chosen your stone, you can determine if your deck can support the load or if it needs to be reinforced.

If necessary, adding an additional footing can be quick and easy with the utilization of mechanical screw piles. One or two extra screw piles can be driven in between the framing joists without having to take much or any of the deck framing apart.

Wood Deck to a Stone Deck

So, can you convert a wood deck to a stone deck; the answer is yes! But why, you ask? Besides the aesthetic appeal, a stone deck is virtually maintenance-free. If you have a current wood deck and were to replace it with a traditional interlock build, you would need to demolish the existing structure and send it to a landfill. By converting a wood deck to a stone deck, you are being environmentally conscious as you are reusing the majority of the materials. Also, both SilcaGrate and Paverdeck Plank are manufactured from recycled materials. Using these products, there is no excavation or backfill needed, saving you both time and money.As you can see converting a wood deck to a stone deck not only makes sense but is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. As a bonus, utilizing these innovative products is a perfect choice for the do-it-yourselfer, as they are very easy to work with.