Benefits of Stone Decking Around a Pool

Stone Decking Around a Pool

As we enter the beginning of summer and everyone is sticking close to home, some of you may be considering having a pool installed. Those who already have a pool may be considering revitalizing the patio decking around it. So, what are the benefits of stone decking around a pool and what are some factors to consider?

First, we must take into account the style of pool you have or want to have – is it an above ground or inground pool? As you are aware, an above ground pool sits on the ground on a prepared base and can be 4 to 6 feet above grade. Framing to support the decking around a pool would be created by a wood or steel framing structure. In the past the only decking options for an above ground pool were either wood or composite – but in reality, the benefits of stone decking around a pool can’t be ignored. Wood is problematic and requires regular maintenance, and it is easily susceptible to staining due to either the chlorine or salt in the pool. Over time wood will crack, split and splinter which is not fun on your feet or bums sitting around the pool. Composite decking requires less maintenance than wood, but gets very hot, is also susceptible to staining and can be very slippery when wet.

Thanks to some very innovative products such as SilcaGrate, Paverdeck and Paverdeck Plank, the benefits of stone decking around a pool are easy to see using stone pavers, interlock stone, or porcelain tile! Design possibilities are endless, and you can turn your above ground pool deck into a beautiful maintenance-free stone deck. These benefits of stone decking around a pool are also the best options for a semi in-ground installation.

When it comes to inground pools, it has been typically thought that the benefits of stone decking around a pool could only be achieved with either poured concrete or interlock stone. Concrete is typically either brushed or stamped with colour added. There is an old saying – “there are two types of concrete in Canada, cracked and gonna crack”. Thanks to our harsh winters and multiple freeze-thaw cycles, concrete is very susceptible to cracking unless there are multiple expansion cuts put into it, which frankly can ruin a stamped concrete pattern making it unsightly.

If your concrete cracks, develops significant chips, stains or if repairs need to be made to any pool lines buried under the concrete pad and you have to cut through the slab – fixing it will be next to impossible. Not to say the concrete won’t be able to be patched, but you will never be able to match the colour, brush or stamped pattern of the ordinal concrete pore. This solution pales in comparison to the benefits of stone decking around a pool!

So rather than talking about the less optimal options, let’s focus on the benefits of stone decking around a pool. The best options really are interlock stone, bricks, pavers or porcelain tiles. If an area becomes stained or damaged, you can easily replace those stones. If repairs need to be done, stones can be lifted up, the area dug out, and items fixed. Once completed, the stones can be replaced, and everything looks as it was originally. In certain cases, you will have a concrete sub slab installed directly around the pool supporting the stone. This is not a problem because it can be cut out to access the problem area and patched with new concrete. Since it will be covered with stone afterwards there is no issues about trying to match the existing concrete.

For inground pool decks, the benefits of stone decking around a pool can be realized by using innovative products such as Silca SoilGrid and Gator Base which help stabilize the base preventing shifting and settling of any of the pavers or porcelain tiles. These products can easily be removed and then reinstalled if any repairs are needed.

With so many options and styles of stones or porcelain pavers available, as well as the innovative ways to support your deck, the benefits of stone decking around a pool are easy to see.