What is the Best Time of Year to Install a Stone Deck?

Best Time for Stone Deck

As soon as the nice weather rolls around people start to plan their outdoor projects, regardless of whether they are doing the work themselves or hiring a contractor. When it comes to transforming your existing wood deck or building a maintenance-free stone deck people want to know, what is the best time of year to install a stone deck.

If you have been following our previous blogs, you will already be aware of many of the innovative products available on the market to build your stone deck. Understanding that products such as; SilcaGrate, Paverdeck and Paverdeck Plank do not rely on excavation and granular compaction so – what is the best time of year to install a stone deck does not really apply.

Obviously working in very cold, snowy or rainy weather does not make for an enjoyable work environment, regardless if you are a homeowner working on your own project or a contractor being paid to do the work. However, the work still can be done without compromising the integrity of the job. It is important to consider the usability of some products, such as construction adhesives, as there may be limitations for application in extreme temperatures.

What is the best time of year to install a stone deck when transforming your existing wood deck using SilcaGrate or Paverdeck Plank? This depends on the specific weather conditions in your area and you or your contractor’s tolerance for working in those conditions. Since there is no need to deal with the base of the new stone deck, only removing the existing wood decking boards, attaching SilcaGrate or Paverdeck Plank and then laying your stone, working in unfavourable conditions may be more tolerable.

If you are building a stone deck from scratch, the old outdated techniques of excavation and building a granular base would limit you to doing the work once the frost was gone and the weather warmed. Living in Canada, this reduces the window for the best time of year to install a stone deck. Building a new stone deck using some of the innovative products mentioned, such as Paverdeck, you are able to build almost year round, since these products are not built relying on a granular base, but rather a footing base.

If you are a regular here, you will also know that we are big fans of mechanical screw piles. These can be driven all year round even with the ground frozen. The screw pile company would simply do a bit of excavation through the top layer of frozen ground and then drive the screw pile to the prescribed depth and torque. Once this is done you are ready to build the base structure using wood framing, if you are working with SilcaGrate or Paverdeck Plank, or using the Paverdeck System itself. As you can see, when using screw piles and one so these innovative systems – what is the best time of the year to install a stone deck is actually all year long.

We have actually heard from contractors who have told us that over the winter they will install several of the bases for stone decks, driving in the piles and framing the stone deck ready to lay the stone and do the finishing touches in the spring. This greatly extends the season and potential for business for a contractor in Canada who is very much dependant on the weather.

As a homeowner doing the work yourself, this process allows you to spread out not only the work but the cost as well and allows you to enjoy your new maintenance-free stone deck sooner once the nice weather starts.

Thanks to innovative products and companies thinking outside of the box, what is the best time of the year to install a stone deck is totally up to you.

Welcome to the Stone Deck Revolution.