How Metal Framing Can Make Your Deck Last a Lifetime

Deck season is right around the corner and many of us are looking to build a new deck or fix up our existing deck. Since most Canadians are sticking closer to home this year, upgrading our outdoor living spaces has become a priority for some. 

Thanks to a variety of factors, Bailey Truedeck metal framing is shining this season, offering all the benefits and advantages of metal decks at the same price as wood. With the price of lumber skyrocketing over the past year, the cost of building or reframing a wood deck is now equal to that of using metal framing for your deck. 

Before 2020, the average cost of framing your deck with pressure-treated lumber was $3 to $5 per square foot. Fast forward to 2021 and those costs have jumped to $6 per square foot. Similarly, the price per linear foot of 2”x8” lumber has climbed to $3.20 per linear foot at any of the well-known big box stores. Those prices are now in line with the cost of Bailey Truedeck metal deck framing, which remains at $6 per square foot and $3.17 per linear foot, making metal deck framing less expensive than wood!

This is a great time to invest in the benefits of metal framing, at the same price as wood while enjoying the dividends for decades. When you choose metal over wood for your deck, this may be the last deck you’ll ever need to build. Factor in the current pricing of wood and a metal deck is the smart choice financially, as well as in terms of time and labour. Build it once and forget about maintenance every few years. Now you can spend less time maintaining your deck, and more time enjoying it. 

Metal decking offers numerous advantages over wood. First and foremost, metal decks are engineered to last a lifetime. Constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, you won’t need to rebuild or even repair your deck every few years. Rot, fire, and insect-proof, your deck won’t suffer from damage caused by the elements and termites, remaining durable for decades.

Metal does not shrink or warp, providing a flatter base for your decking materials, and keeping it flat. It will not split or swell, preventing damage to your deck surface. A metal-framed deck will extend the lifespan of your deck surface, saving you time, work and money. 

Every Bailey Truedeck component is perfectly engineered to the exact length you need, eliminating the need to cut at the job site, maximizing efficiency and making their decking structures easy to assemble. The product’s precision engineering means that the pieces fit perfectly, the first time. Due to the product’s longer spans, your decking project will require fewer footings, saving you even more time, labour and money. 

Throughout its lifespan, a deck is exposed to the ravages of harsh weather conditions all year round, and wood deck structures will require regular maintenance, which can add up quickly add up in time and money. Metal decking structures such as Bailey Truedeck will not only stand up against the elements, but you will also save countless hours every year in maintenance, hours you can instead spend enjoying your deck.

Incredibly versatile, metal decking can support virtually any decking surface, including natural stone. It can be used on ground-level decks or even elevated structures like balconies. With metal deck framing, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor living space that will last a lifetime.

Constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, certified to Environment Canada’s Environmental Choice Program, Bailey Truedeck metal decking materials do not contain the chemicals and insecticides found in pressure-treated lumber and are a recyclable resource, offering an environmentally friendly alternative. 

Your deck should be constructed on the strongest, most durable structure possible, and its framing is as important as your choice of decking surface material. Bailey Truedeck will help you to build the most solid, well-made, and enduring deck possible, one that will last a lifetime.