There Has Never Been a Better Time for a Metal Deck

Canadians in every corner of the country love spending time on their decks. Canadian winters can be brutal and long, and a deck is a great place to spend our short yet beautiful summers with friends and family. 

As most Canadians are spending their downtime closer to home these days, constructing a deck tops their list of home improvements this summer. Enjoying our own deck, in our own backyard is one of the highlights of a staycation. As so many homeowners hurry to make improvements to their outdoor living space, lumber prices have rocketed to astronomical levels. Undeterred by the escalation of wood prices, demand is unceasing, impacting the price even further. Not only has the expense of building a wood deck increased significantly, but in many places, it is simply unavailable, at any price. 

Wood is not the only material with which your deck frame can be built. Metal or aluminum are also viable options, offering numerous advantages too. Previously, most deck builders defaulted to wood, because it was available at a good price, dealing with its necessary maintenance, repairs and even replacement every few years. 

This year, the situation has changed completely. The price of wood and its availability have made this summer the perfect time to forego wood and choose metal framing for your deck. Remarkably, metal deck framing is now less expensive than wood, and easily available, which offers you the opportunity to frame your deck on your own timeline and save money too. 

Before the marked increase in wood prices, the cost of framing a deck with pressure-treated lumber was steadily in the $3 to $5 per sq-ft range. During the past 12 months, that figure has risen to $6 per sq-ft. Likewise, 2”x8” lumber now costs $3.20 per linear foot on average. These numbers are now in line with the cost of framing your deck with metal, which is consistently priced at $6 per sq-ft and $3.17 per linear foot. Astonishingly true, metal deck framing is now less expensive than wood!

One excellent example of a metal framing system to replace wood is Bailey Truedeck. Pre-cut to the exact length required, assembly is straightforward and easy enough for most DIY’ers as well as contractors. The system’s longer spans mean fewer footings are necessary, saving your time, money and labour. Constructed of corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, Bailey Truedeck does not suffer from the ravages of rot and insects, making it a long-lasting decking option. Paverdeck Planks is another metal decking platform system to consider. It is designed to work with more durable decking surfaces including natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles or concrete pavers, creating a completely maintenance-free deck that will last a lifetime. 

Metal deck framing comes with a wide range of advantages over wood including:

  • Longevity – Engineered to last a lifetime and will not need rebuilding every 10 to 15 years.
  • Low Maintenance – Metal decking requires nothing more than a quick power washing.
  • Always Level – Metal deck framing will not shrink or warp, leaving you with a flatter base for your decking surfaces.
  • An Environmentally Friendly Option – Greener than pressure-treated wood, metal decking is not treated with chemicals and insecticides, which leach into the soil. 
  • Versatility – Use metal deck framing in new builds, or to replace your existing wood framing.

A beautiful deck is the centrepiece of a great backyard. Enhancing your enjoyment of your outdoor living area while adding value to your home, a backyard deck is an essential aspect of the Canadian summer experience. When you choose a metal-framed deck, you’ll spend more time on your deck enjoying the summer instead of maintaining it.