Building it Right the First Time

While that outdoor patio or another hardscape project may appear to be level and properly installed, once spring arrives many people find out the hard way that their project has suffered the ravages of winter’s freeze & thaw cycles. Those perfectly positioned patio stones, bricks or even porcelain pavers are now a mess after heaving and settling for months. 

It used to be that to install a hardscape correctly, one had to excavate as much as 12-inches deep, before filling with sand or crushed stone to ensure a relatively level surface year after year. It was a lot of work and money too, with sometimes unpredictable results. 

Fortunately, cutting-edge innovations have made this task easier and more affordable. Silca SoilGrid is one such product that makes the in-ground installation of porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, brick or natural stone much easier, even on sloped surfaces. By stabilizing the base materials and eliminating the disruption, your hardscapes will remain stronger and level year after year. Perfect for patios, parking, driveways, paths or even concrete replacement, the Silca SoilGrid system allows quick ground reinforcement with modern paver design in a fully permeable manner.

How Does Silca SoilGrid Work?

Specifically designed for ground applications, Silca SoilGrid creates a heavy-duty and permeable base stabilization that reduces settling issues while offering a wide load distribution. When you use Silca SoilGrid during your hardscape installation, it reinforces the ground surface without sealing it. Silca SoilGrid eliminates the disruption caused by heaving and settling pavers by stabilizing the base materials. This will ensure your project will remain level for years.

What Other Features Does Silca SoilGrid Offer?

Silca SoilGrids can be cut to size and shape and allow you to use a variety of fill materials providing complete design freedom. Sold in pre-connected sheets, installation is quick and easy. Large areas can be installed by a single person without the need for heavy construction equipment, making it the ideal choice for contractors and DIY’ers alike.

Its permeability helps to avoid the drainage and infrastructure problems that can over-burden stormwater infrastructure and lead to flooding. Because the grids are permeable, they are much easier and faster to level if you choose sand as your fill material.  UV-resistant, weather-proof and unbreakable, the system comes backed by a 20-year warranty.

How Will Silca SoilGrid Save Me Money?

Time is money! With Silca SoilGrid, you only need to excavate to half of where you normally would. This means less labour, less dirt to dispose of, and less sand or aggregate required. Because the Silca SoilGrid system cuts your excavation time in half, you’ll save on the labour cost of all that unnecessary excavation. It will save you up to 50% on the excavation and up to 40% in labour costs. If you are a contractor, you’ll have fewer warranty call-backs due to pavers shifting and settling. In the simplest terms, you’ll get better results for less money with less work.

By bringing greater stability to your base materials, you’ll create stronger hardscapes when you choose the Silca SoilGrid heavy-duty linking grid system. So strong in fact, that completed installations will even support vehicular traffic.

Are you ready to build a stronger hardscape while saving time, labour and money? Choose the smartest solution for solid, long-lasting results that reduce labour and materials.