Roof Top Patios

Building Up – When You’re Short on Space, Consider a Rooftop Patio

Building the deck or patio of your dreams is not always possible. Densely packed homes in the city with postage-stamp-sized yards have limited outdoor living space, making entertaining and even staycations uncomfortably tight. 

A great solution that urban dwellers are catching onto is to build above their home, making better use of the space up above. Often the envy of one’s neighbourhood, rooftop patios make outstanding entertaining spaces and are becoming more popular thanks to innovations that make them easier to construct. Not only will a rooftop patio give you additional living space with a dazzling view, but you’ll also appreciate cool breezes and an absence of insects. 

New advances in construction technology are making the building of rooftop patios and decks easier than ever. Creating a rooftop patio can now be done with relative ease, even on roofs that are sloped. A variety of recent innovations engineered for the building of raised floors, decks and rooftop patios have hit the market during the last couple of years, resulting in no space being off-limits anymore. With these products, you can now design the perfect rooftop patio you’ve always dreamed of.

Easier Than Ever

Constructing a rooftop patio is now easier than ever when you have the right components. Once you clear the bureaucratic hurdles like building permits, zoning and fire codes you can get started. 

The magic ingredient to making it all happen is a pedestal system. Adjustable pedestal systems are straightforward to use, typically comprising of only a handful of elements. Most importantly, they offer adjustable pedestal heads which can realize an angle of up to 5%. The perfect solution for addressing sloped or uneven surfaces, pedestal systems are durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for rooftop projects. 

Canada Pedestal Systems offers a variety of quality pedestal systems from reputable and highly-regarded manufacturers including Eterno Ivica, Bison Innovative Products, and Uptec by Profilitec. Each one of these can be easily integrated by both contractors and DIY’ers alike.

Pedestals also make it easy to obscure plumbing & electrical under your rooftop patio, yet have easy access to them when required. Pedestal systems also offer additional benefits, including impressive load-bearing strength, and they allow water to quickly drain away, improving safety.

Pedestals do a great job of supporting surface materials at ground level, but when building your rooftop patio you’ll want to integrate a mid-level component to properly support your stone or tile surface material. This middle level will help to reduce the load on any particular point while avoiding putting too much pressure on your home’s roof. Consider a product like Silca Grates, which can act as a subfloor to support your surface material, while distributing weight across a wider area.  Silca Grates work perfectly with pedestal systems, and can easily support the surface covering of your choice, whether 6-inch planks or heavy natural stone. 

Layered on top of your Silca Grate middle layer, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your surface. Simply choose something weather-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. Ceramic or porcelain tiles and natural stone are trending and offer the advantages of being virtually maintenance-free. You may want to look into high-quality products like Frontier20 Porcelain Pavers from Landmark Ceramics, Kronos Porcelain Pavers, or Del Conca Porcelain Pavers & Tiles for an, especially stylish look. 

Constructing a rooftop patio is easier than you might think, and will improve the value of your home along with your enjoyment of the additional living space. Pedestal systems make previously inconceivable ideas easily achievable. Now, no location on your property is off-limits. Make the most of your unused space and expand your outdoor living area with the help of pedestal systems.