Next Year, Enjoy the Benefits of a Snow-Melting Driveway/Walkway or Outdoor Patio

Sick of shoveling? Seeking safer walkways and outdoor surfaces?

Over the last few years, there are been numerous innovations in the decking, driveway, and hardscape industries. Thanks to cutting-edge design and clever engineering, you can now build in places that were previously next to impossible, reduce labour and save a bundle in the process. Another great way to reduce your workload and even save money in the process is through heated outdoor surfaces.

Unless one lives in a condo or has hired help, few Canadians can escape the chore of shoveling snow. Thanks to climate change and more severe weather events, that task isn’t going to get any easier on its own. You can, however, make it easier yourself, with the help of a few great products. 

While building a new deck, patio, or driveway, it’s easy to imagine it in use during the summer months. With a little foresight, you can now envision their use throughout the winter. With the right plan, you can say goodbye to shoveling snow, and enjoy your patio or deck all winter long. 

By constructing your deck, patio, walkway, or even your driveway with a pedestal & porcelain tile system, you’ll have the ability to integrate a heating system into your hardscapes. Because pedestal systems create functional and accessible space below, you’ll find it easy to run insulated electrical heating cables or hydronic PEX tubing with aluminum heat plates. Install them yourself, with no need for a licensed electrician until your final connection to the electrical panel.  Pedestal systems offer plenty of clearance so that you can customize your heating project to your liking, without compromise. Heat the entire space or simply a section, you’ll have the flexibility to choose.

Unlike systems of old, using a pedestal system offers easy access when you need to access the equipment below. Now, should you need to repair a heating element or other component, simply lift the porcelain tile above. Not only is access easy, but you’ll leave no tell-tale signs of repairs. 

Most of us are happy to leave the chore of shoveling snow behind. These systems are ideal for walkways, decks & patios, and driveways. Because porcelain pavers & tiles drain quickly, there will be no standing water left behind. 

Porcelain tiles are thermally efficient and exceptionally heat-conductive, leading to lower energy costs than concrete alternatives. They also offer an anti-slip surface for additional safety and extreme weather and wear resistance. Porcelain pavers are strong enough to bear enormous weight, making them ideal driveways as well as walkways and patios. Completely non-porous, projects constructed with porcelain tiles will keep looking as good as the day they were installed. 

Choosing a pedestal/porcelain solution offers numerous other benefits which will also save you work and money. Lightweight porcelain tiles can be carried and installed almost anywhere, relieving you of the need for a truck and heavy equipment access. Pedestals make it easy to construct a deck or patio in spots that were once unthinkable, including on your rooftop. This combination of lightweight yet strong porcelain tiles with useful pedestals will make those rooftop patio dreams come to life easier than you’d imagine. 

Investment property owners are finding heated outdoor surfaces exceptionally useful. Saving a bundle on commercial snow removal services, these systems pay off over time in both labour and money. With a heated patio or deck, and maybe an outdoor fireplace, your outdoor living space will become a place to gather all year long. You’ll add value to your home, and enjoy it more. 

Economical, versatile, and easy to install, say goodbye to shoveling snow and hello to pedestal and porcelain paver systems. Reach out to StoneDeck today to learn more about our products that can help you to eliminate snow and ice removal from your winter routine.