8 Great Reasons to Choose Steel Framing For Your Deck

You’ve planned out your deck, decided between pressure-treated lumber, composite and porcelain tile as a surface and even priced out your railings. You’re almost ready to get started, but you’ve just realized one very important thing about your upcoming build. What to use for your deck’s framing?

Well, we have a few reasons why you should choose steel framing for your deck. 

  1. Resistance to Rot, Fire & Insects

There are lots of things that can cause your deck to deteriorate. While insects in certain climates can quickly destroy a wood structure, the biggest culprit in Canada is rot. Wood decks do rot and often need to be replaced every 10-15 years as a result. A steel-framed deck is not attractive to insects, is non-combustible & resistant to fire and will not rot.

  1. Uniform, Straight Pieces

Forget about twisted, knotted lumber and warped boards. Steel framing arrives in straight, uniform pieces, free of twists, kinks, and imperfections. You’ll enjoy a perfectly flat surface that will not crown, warp or crack. Light-gauge steel builds flat and will remain flat for decades. 

  1. Lumber Prices 

It’s no secret that lumber prices are ridiculous. Sure, steel can be pricy too, but it’s a one-time, front-loaded expense. When you choose steel framing for your deck, you’ll benefit over the long term, not only in lumber costs but also in the labour to replace rotted wood. Consider factors like maintenance, repair and replacement costs, none of which are a factor when choosing steel framing. 

  1. Versatility

Sure, wood is easy. However, it won’t allow you the same design freedom that steel does. When you try to get fancy with wood, it will splinter and crack on you. Steel framing can be shaped any way you’d like and is compatible with a variety of surfacing materials. You can achieve a lot more with steel, things that are simply not possible with wood framing. Think of things like additional space between joists or even a rounded deck – just try that one with wood!

  1. A Smarter Choice

Aside from the fact that steel will not rot or warp or sustain damage from insects, there are other advantages of steel deck framing that make it the smarter choice. Steel deck framing can be installed with up to 16-foot spans, creating incredible, unobstructed views. Steel framing means fewer other materials to purchase and less time to install, meaning greater savings – savings you’ll enjoy over a lifetime. 

  1. The Greener Option –  A sustainable option, steel decking is often made of recycled steel and can be recycled once again should you take down your deck. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in the world, more than all other materials combined. Steel deck framing has a zero carbon footprint during its use. 

Are you looking for deck framing that is low-maintenance, durable and easy to install? Perhaps Paverdeck is right for you. Code approved, maintenance-free and backed by a 30-year structural warranty, it’s the framing that will last a lifetime.