14 Ways to Improve Your Deck on a Budget

Barbequing and entertaining on a deck is a big part of the Canadian experience. However, a deck is more than just some expensive lumber screwed together. We’ve got a few ideas to improve your deck without breaking the bank.

  1. Skirting – The underside of your deck is unsightly. From weeds and animal nests to the less pleasant aesthetics of a deck, it should be kept hidden from sight. Some low-cost lattice is an excellent way to close that area and improve your yard’s aesthetics while creating additional storage space. 
  2. Greenery – Add vibrancy to your deck or patio with some plants. Consider built-in planters, green plants and even some colourful flowers to upgrade your deck’s look and feel. 
  3. Electronics – Get better use of your outdoor living space by bringing electronics outdoors. Have an outdoor outlet, hook-up speakers, and a video screen for big events or cozy movies under the stars. 
  4. Fire Table – A gas or propane fire table will quickly become your deck’s focal point when entertaining, a feature all will enjoy.
  5. Insect Control – Don’t let the bugs ruin evenings on your deck. Recent innovations in bug control technology offer a variety of products that get rid of mosquitoes electronically. 
  6. Privacy – If you live a little too close to your neighbours, you might be craving a little privacy when out on your deck. Privacy walls can be purchased or easily built – think screens or vertical awnings. 
  7. Furniture – If you really want to enjoy your outdoor living space, you will need some furniture. Find some chairs with comfy outdoor cushions, tables and maybe even an outdoor sofa and kick back & relax.
  8. Lighting – With some good lighting, you’ll enjoy your outdoor time after dark. You’ll transform your outdoor space while making it more usable at night. Lighting will also increase safety while improving the ambience. 
  9. Resurfacing – Tired of the traditional wood deck? Resurfacing your deck and transforming it into a gorgeous stone deck is easier than you’d imagine. Just imagine the possibilities and the instant uplift of your home’s value. 
  10. Heating – A propane patio heater will help you extend the season. 
  11. Deck Maintenance – Giving your deck a good scrub and stain and addressing any maintenance issues will breathe fresh life into it. Of course, if you have a stone deck, maintenance may be as simple as a quick powerwash to restore it to its freshly installed good looks. 
  12. Pergola – A pergola makes your space multi-functional yet cozy. Relatively low-cost, it is like creating a second living area on your deck. 
  13. Shade – Whether it’s an umbrella, awning or sun shade, a little protection from the heat and glare of the sun is sure to be appreciated by your guests. 
  14. Barbeque or Smoker – Bring the kitchen outdoors and serve your guests right from your deck. After all, a smoker is an excellent place for people to gather and discuss techniques. 

 Sure, you can invest heavily into your deck by adding significant upgrades like an outdoor kitchen, but these inexpensive touches will go a long way without making a big dent in your wallet. Visit Stone Deck Innovations – Canada’s deck life experts, for more great decking ideas.