Key Backyard Trends for 2023

It’s that time of year again when many of us have just put our garden to bed and are eagerly making a list of ideas for next year. Whether you’re just rearranging things or planning a full-scale backyard landscape overhaul, you want to keep current trends in mind to maximize your ROI. These key backyard trends for 2023 will help you enjoy your outdoor living space all season long while adding to your home’s resale value.

As we spend more time at home for both work and leisure, it is more important than ever to enjoy our home, including outdoor spaces. As with our indoor living areas, 2023 promises to lean into making our yards a sanctuary where we can connect with nature, and sustainable gardening is a recurring, important theme. Colour trends are all about earthy neutrals to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. To give you a little style inspiration for outdoor living, here’s what’s trending for 2023.

Cutting Gardens – Forget about store-bought cut flowers; 2023 will encourage you to exercise your green thumb with a cutting garden. You can grow your own flowers in even the smallest of outdoor spaces, even on a balcony, and growing flowers from seed is inexpensive. Try your hand at growing cosmos, a beautiful daisy-like annual pollinators love. Cosmos are easy to grow, even in poor soil conditions and make a great cut flower for indoor vases. 

Patterned Tiles – Personalize your deck or patio with patterned tiles. Porcelain tiles are a big trend in 2023 and are embraced by designers everywhere. Whether you’re resurfacing your deck, a small balcony or upgrading a firepit, distinctively patterned porcelain tiles add a strong design element. 

Sustainability – Sustainable living has never been so important. From hardy plants requiring minimal water to environmentally conscious building materials, 2023 is about putting the planet first. Consider building materials manufactured with recycled content and materials that won’t need to be replaced in 10 years. For example, outdoor porcelain pavers installed with a pedestal system will not need to be replaced and are constructed from eco-conscious materials. Unlike pressure-treated lumber, these innovative decking materials are not treated with chemicals that leach into the earth and require no adhesives, sanding or staining.

Terracotta Tones – The Garden Media Group’s 2023 Garden Trends Report has declared terracotta to be the colour of the year. Outdoor porcelain tiles are the easiest way to achieve this look, and you can easily design a surface that combines both the terracotta trend and patterned tiles together.

Drought-Friendly Gardens – As we all strive to use less water, drought-friendly gardens are a great solution for hotter summers. Consider plants like sage and rosemary with grey-green leaves which reflect the sun’s rays and are drought tolerant. Rounding out this trend is a rainwater collection system, which can be used to water plants, reduce the load on your city’s water systems and save you money.

Sanctuary – Your outdoor living space is not just a place to entertain but somewhere to enjoy moments of stillness to boost mindfulness and mental well-being. For 2023, transform your backyard into a place of calm and serenity to escape hectic days. Introduce a water element, use soothing colours and create an area where you can reconnect with nature. Think of it as a well-being garden. 

2023 is all about connection to the natural world, sustainability and well-being. If you’d like to learn more about deck and patio building materials that offer on-trend appeal while reducing environmental impact, reach out to Canada’s deck life experts,