4 Ways Adjustable Pedestals Reduce Your Installation Time

If you are a contractor, builder, or professional landscaper, then you’re familiar with the saying ‘time is money.’ The effort that goes into prepping an area for installing outdoor porcelain tiles for residential or commercial landscaping can often take longer than actually laying the tile. This leaves contractors like yourself looking for solutions to speed up the installation process. With adjustable pedestals, you’ll be able to cut down on installation time and make all your hardscaping projects run much more efficiently!

Here are four ways adjustable pedestals reduce your installation time:

  1. Pedestals Eliminate the Need to Level Existing Groundwork

Installing deck pavers onto uneven terrain, a sloping rooftop, or even a hilly area can be incredibly challenging and may eat up the budget for a project. To avoid needing to level out the existing groundwork and its related expenses, contractors can take advantage of adjustable pedestals that will support the pavers regardless of any pre-existing slopes or elevations. Adjustable pedestals can adjust in height and for slope corrections as well. This makes it possible to accommodate any natural inclines without worrying about needing expensive equipment for levelling beforehand.

  1. Pedestals Eliminate the Need to Build Subframes

Instead of wasting valuable time building a wood sub-frame, why not use adjustable pedestals? Pedestal systems make it effortless to evenly space out the pavers, making installation quick. Pedestals can be easily adjusted to even out any uneven ground, forming an efficient sub-base with their included spacer tabs and joist holders. Topped with porcelain pavers that fit together without needing grouting or additional time for installation, contractors have the ability to get projects done in just a few hours. It’s the perfect combination of easy installation and strong performance!

  1. Pedestals Can Easily Accommodate Difficult Areas

Installations can often present contractors with difficulties when working in less-than-ideal areas, especially those which are irregularly shaped. Thankfully, Adjustable pedestal systems simplify the process by offering custom components to give you the ultimate level of installation versatility. Adjustable pedestals are equipped with spacer tabs that allow you to easily remove or adjust them as necessary to accommodate curved edges and other challenging sections – so your work is guaranteed a professional finish.

  1. Pedestals Are Ideal in Tight Spots

Hired to do a project in a backyard, rooftop, or another tight spot? Instead of hauling concrete, aggregate or excavation waste by wheelbarrow, consider pedestals. Lightweight pedestals can not only be carried into the job site under your arm but can often significantly reduce the amount of excavation – saving you time, labour, and, yes, money. Stonedeck Innovations is the industry leader when it comes to adjustable pedestals and porcelain pavers, with a range of easy-to-use systems available, all tailored to meet the needs of contractors like you. Our products make it easy for any contractor to assemble and install quality decks in no time. If you’d like more information or want to obtain a quote for your upcoming project, reach out to Stonedeck Innovations – Canada’s deck life experts.